5 Reasons to Consider Circular Sawn Flooring

Jul 12, 17

Circle sawn flooring is a beautiful, durable flooring choice that provides excellent value. Here are five reasons to consider circle sawn flooring in your home or business.

Beautiful Appearance

Douglas fir circle sawn flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with a huge variety of color and sheen options. Douglas fir offers a naturally warm, luxurious appearance and feel, making it ideal for many design situations.  

Easy Installation

Circle sawn flooring, along with other rough sawn flooring products, is easier to install than standard flat hardwood floors. Rough sawn flooring is not designed to be perfectly flat, so this makes laying and sanding the flooring much easier than smooth finish wood floors. 

Marks Lumber flooring goes down more quickly and efficiently than many rough sawn floors due to our defect-removal and end-matched material. 

With tongue and groove flooring that is not end-matched, the installer must precisely trim each end of every piece. Marks Lumber's end-matched flooring enables a vast majority of the flooring material to go straight onto the floor without being trimmed, resulting in significantly easier and faster installation. 


Durability is the key concern for making any decision on flooring, and this is an area where circle sawn flooring shines. Modern hardwood floor finishes provide a spill and stain resistant floor surface. Also, the patterns, textures, and wood grain on circle sawn flooring make scratches and dents much harder to see than on a smooth floor.

Pets, especially active dogs, can be hard on flooring. Dogs can gain a little more traction on circle sawn flooring, so they scratch the floor a bit less. And, as mentioned above, scratches that do occur are not nearly as visible as a smooth floor.

Another aspect of durability relative to flooring is the ability to renew the appearance of the flooring, as inevitable wear occurs over time. If you follow our recommendations and use a high-quality floor finish, you can easily refinish your floor if you do get excessive wear in a high traffic area. 

To refinish your circle sawn floor you will need to clean the floor thoroughly, rough up the existing finish with sandpaper, and then reapply the finish.

Marks Lumber circle sawn flooring provides excellent durability, making it a great choice for residential use or light commercial use.


Not all circle sawn texture is the same. Marks Lumber flooring is not a retextured product; it is a natural texture from our circle saw head-rig. 

The main saw, which cuts the vast majority of blanks for our flooring is a 52-inch circular saw. Logs go through the saw at varying speeds; varying densities and the moisture content of logs cut differently; and the blade itself wears unevenly. All of these variables affect the surface left behind by the saw, leaving subtle differences that are impossible for automated re-texturing processes to duplicate.

These subtle differences in texture have a noticeable effect on the overall feel of the rooms with Marks Lumber flooring. The subtle differences give a more natural and authentic look and feel to the floor. Many of our customers believe that this process compliments the wood grain more fully. 

Check out the difference a real, genuine circle sawn texture can make.

Easy Cleaning

Marks Lumber circle sawn flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning is recommended using water and a light detergent cleaner that leaves no residue. 

Many of the best flooring finish manufacturers make cleaners that are ideally formulated to work with the finish; and these cleaners are ideal, although sometimes slightly expensive.

In Conclusion

Choosing Marks Lumber for your next flooring project just makes sense after considering the reasons stated above: easy care and durability; a one of a kind texture; an easy and cost-effective installation; a beautiful, natural, warm appearance.  On top of all that, you can buy directly from Marks Lumber.

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