A Cold Day at The Sawmill

Jan 12, 17

The Marks Lumber sawmill doesn’t run very well below 0 (degrees Fahrenheit). So with this cold January we are busy making repairs and minor improvements. If the forecast looks a little promising we will delay the shift start until 10:00 and run until 6:00, but it’s been cold enough lately we just haven’t been able to go. So here is what we are up to.

The custom timber frame shop is getting a new and greatly improved dust collection system.  The timber shop was super busy in 2016 and we are looking forward to keeping that up in 2017.

There are a lot of little repairs to be done in the sawmill after a super busy building season, so the millwrights are making those happen. There will be a few process improvements made, along with the repairs. And there are rumors of a new log turner coming for the head rig. The log yard guys are braving the cold and bucking all of the pine we he have in the yard, mostly Lodgepole, and the plan is to pull out of Douglas Fir and cut it all starting 1/16. Hopefully this takes less than two weeks.

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