Businesses Built with Marks Products - Grub Stake

Feb 24, 17

Flooring, Timbers, Tongue and Groove -- Plus Cold Beer!

The Original

The Grub Stake, located in the North Helena Valley is a popular destination for food, friends, and entertainment. A large new addition was completed in 2013, and many of Marks Lumber products were incorporated in the design.  

The Grub Stake is a great place to grab a burger, steak, or one of their specials, and have a cold beer or cocktail. They have live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. They also offer a pizza menu.

Marks Lumber Timber Products

The timber trusses supporting the entry were manufactured by Marks Lumber Timberworks. The ceiling material is Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove. 

The flooring in both the dining side and new bar side is Marks Lumber Douglas Fir Circle Sawn Flooring. The finish is quite different for both sides and gives a nice sense of the flexibility that the circle sawn material provides.

Marks Lumber provided the band sawn timbers for the large scissor trusses. They are all Douglas Fir. The structure was completed on-site by Level Lines Construction. All the Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove on the ceiling was provided by Marks Lumber.

Another highlight is the faux barn wood accents on the bar side. That material is rough sawn fir, dipped in Lifetime Wood Treatment and then wire brushed. The pony wall between the dining room and bathrooms, the accent wood on the back bar, and window and door trim are constructed out of this as well.

Stop by and meet the friendly staff at the Grub Stake, and give Marks Lumber a call with any questions about the Timber Products used to build this great business!

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