Live Blog - Perma-Chink Workshop

Apr 29, 17

Live Blog by Jeremy Glatz

Perma-Chink Log and Woodsided Home Maintenance Workshop

4/29-9:38 am

Marks Lumber is excited to welcome Perma-Chink log home experts Sean Gahan, Senior Chemist and Plant Manager and Joanne Hamlin, Branch Manager to Clancy for the 5th annual Log and Wood-sided home protection and maintenance workshop.

This is Sean's first trip to Clancy and we are excited to get a new perspective and his scientific expertise. Thanks for travelling all the way from Knoxville Tennessee to help us understand log and wood siding care.

First thing he notes is that there are a number of factors that contribute to depredation of wood, but the big three are:

  1. Sun - UV light
  2. Water
  3. Wind - Abrasion

The Perma-Chink system is ideal for protecting wood from these damaging agents!

4/29/-10:20 am

Just learned that Perma-Chink's Cedar Wash product is an even better product than the Log Wash for Marks Lumber manufactured Douglas Fir Siding.

4/29-10:45 am

Application tip of the day: Clean is key! For stains, chink and other sealer. Clean it and then get it done before dust and pollen sets in!

4/29-11:30 am

Besides great products, one of the reasons Marks Lumber recommends Perma-Chink is the great service. Joanne-Stevensville MT representative-Is the front line service resource for us in Montana and she is really knowledgeable and super helpful.

Sean Gahan Bio - 

Sean Gahan joined Perma-Chink Systems in May of 2003 as the Senior Chemist and Plant Manager at the Knoxville, TN location. Sean’s previous work experiences include Development Chemist & Manufacturing Manager with Resinall Corporation (Severn, NC) and Senior & Process Chemist with MeadWestvaco (Charleston, SC).  Sean’s responsibilities at Perma-Chink Systems include new product development & existing product improvement, regulatory and environment reporting, quality control, Production operations, Technical sales support, Customer Care and complaint resolution, and product training. Sean enjoys the daily challenges and contributions of his work resulting in high quality products from his PCS team for the Log Home industry. Sean’s education includes a Master’s in Chemistry from Clemson University (Clemson, SC) and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC).

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