New Log Turner in The Sawmill

Mar 10, 17

Marks Lumber Millwright Seth Slocum is leading a project to install a new (to us) Sering bar-style log turner.

The goal is to improve efficiency in the sawmill, and this log turner will speed up head rig operation considerably. In addition to greater speed, our new controls will be much more ergonomic, making operation safer and more comfortable for sawyers.

Owner Steve Marks bought the Sering unit at auction and had our in house team recondition it. Most of the Marks Lumber sawmill consists of machinery that has been salvaged and pressed back into action.

Seth’s super team included Steve, Owner; Bob McEachern, Maintenance and Safety Supervisor; Ethan Hollatz, Mill Supervisor; and Jack Darrah, Yard Supervisor. Planning for this major upgrade in the mill was greatly aided by Marks Lumber’s Computer Aided Design capability. It’s a tight fit to add this machine to our operation, but Seth’s careful measuring and drawing gave us total confidence in the implementation plan.

The actual install is going to take a week.  We should start testing next Monday 3/13, and making quality Douglas Fir boards right after.

Here is a link to a video that shows a similar log turner in action. We will make our own video in the not too distant future.

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