Montana Wood Siding

Marks Lumber Montana Wood Siding

Solid wood has long been used as a siding material. Montana wood siding’s natural beauty is timeless and the color and textures available are unmatched by other building products. Such properties make wood siding adaptable to a wide variety of regional preferences, architectural styles and climates. When correctly installed and maintained, natural wood siding will last for decades and sometimes centuries. It is a prestige product that adds value to a home or commercial building, reflecting both quality materials and professional workmanship.

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Other Available Sidings

Cedar Sidings
Cedar Beveled
Cedar Channel Rustic

Redwood Beveled Siding

Pine Log Cabin Sidings
2×8 Log to Log, Hand Hewn, Log to Log with Reveal
3×10 Log to Log, Hand Hewn

Do it Right, Do it Once–Installation Instructions

To ensure the lasting beauty of Marks Lumber T&G products, proper installation is critical. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable Marks Lumber staff.

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Lap Siding Instructions (Shiplap, Pattern 105, Channel Rustic)
Tongue and Groove Installation Instructions
Beveled Edge Siding Installation Instructions
Board and Batten, Board on Board Installation Instructions

The Western Wood Products Association is an excellent resource for natural wood information on a variety of products. The web-site is a great place to start.