Board and Batt

Board and Batt Siding can be planed on one side (for an exact thickness) with the rough face showing. The most common application is a 1×10 (7/8″x9 1/4″) board attached with screws, leaving a 3/4″ gap between boards, and the 1×3 (3/4″x2 3/4″) batt attached with a screw in the center of the batt. This siding can be purchased in Pine or Douglas Fir. For a more rustic look and to be more economically, a full rough board could be purchased and batts could be ripped by customer.

S1S2E Board and Batt Fir Siding
Full Rough Board and Batt Siding using 1×10 Boards and 1×3 Batts with Amber Weatheral UV Guard Stain.
Reverse Board and Batt siding using 1×8 top board and 1×6 bottom board.

Beveled Edge Siding

Beveled Edge Siding is a heavier siding that is chinked as shown below. It can be purchased in pine or douglas fir with either a rough face, hand hewn face and/or adzed face.

Beveled Edge Lodge Pole
  • Rough Circle Sawn Face BES Siding
  • Handhewn, Hand Adzed BES with Lifetime Treatment

Waney Edge Siding

Waney edge siding can be 1” or 2′” thick rough cut board with one or two natural edges.

  • Douglas Fir or Pine – 1×8 (actual coverage varies – approximately 7″)
  • Douglas Fir or Pine – 1×10 (actual coverage varies – approximately 9″)
  • Single Waney Edged Siding  with Lifetime Treat
  • 1″ Double Waney Siding, Chinked


Circular Sawn 105 or Channel Rustic Siding

Circular Sawn 105 Siding is a rough faced circular or Band sawn ship lap siding with a covered reveal.

Douglas Fir or Pine – 1×8
Actual coverage is 7/8″ x 6 3/4″
  • 105 Pine Siding


Ship Lap Siding

Shiplap Siding is a rough face circular or band sawn siding; however, we can plane it for you if you would rather have a smooth finish. Also available in Channel Rustic.

Ship Lap Siding DF or LP – 1x8x8′-16′
(actual coverage 7/8″ x 6 3/4″)

1/4 or 1/2 Log Siding

Lodge Pole Pine Logs
Peeled or Unpeeled
1/2 Log Siding
3 1/3-4″ thick by 10″ wide
1/4 Log Siding
2-2 1/2″ thick by 10″ wide
Siding will need to be chinked and stained/sealed. This picture shows edged to 8′.
See our Wood Finish Products page

Other Sidings Available

Cedar Sidings
Cedar Beveled
Cedar Channel Rustic

Redwood Beveled Siding

Pine Log Cabin Sidings
2×8 Log to Log, Hand Hewn, Log to Log with Reveal
3×10 Log to Log Hand He

Proper Siding Installation

Solid wood has long been used as a  siding material. Its natural beauty is timeless and the color and textures available are unmatched by other building products. Such properties make wood siding adaptable to a wide variety of regional preferences, architectural styles and climates. When correctly installed and maintained, natural wood siding will last for decades and sometimes centuries. It is a prestige product that adds value to a home or commercial building, reflecting both quality materials and professional workmanship

(PROPER SIDING INSTALLTION INSTRUCTIONS, please call and talk to our professional staff for further instructions)