Products : Rough Sawn Lumber

Montana Wood Flooring

Create a beautiful and truly unique space with Marks Lumber circle sawn Douglas Fir flooring. Our flooring texture is created by our unique circle-saw head rig, not a texture applied to smooth flooring. Circle sawn flooring is manufactured in three width’s and can be finished to achieve a huge variety of design goals.  This Grown-in-Montana, M...

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Rough Cut Timbers

Marks Lumber manufactures quality timbers and dimensional lumber. We primarily manufacture from Montana grown Douglas Fir. We also have relationships with top quality providers of finished coastal fir. Douglas Fir is excellent material for both structural and architectural accents.  Rough cut is general term for the many different types of unfinis...

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Rough Cut Lumber

Marks Lumber manufactures rough cut Douglas Fir lumber for all situations. We stock full dimension 2 inch circle-sawn lumber in grades Select Structural (SS), and #2 common. For full dimension 1 inch boards, we stock lumber in grades #2, and #3. At Marks Lumber, we kiln dry our material before it is graded, so all grades are dry. Lumber Graded SS ...

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