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Trim and Fascia

Marks Lumber manufactures 1-inch and 2-inch circle sawn boards to help complete your custom home package. Commonly used for interior or exterior trim, fascia, siding, and soffit, these full-dimension, rough sawn boards help tie together your entire home. Graded after they are kiln-dried, this lumber is stain ready with basic preparation.

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Marks Lumber’s full dimension, circle sawn lumber is kiln-dried to 12% and graded after dried. We manufacture two different grades for our 1-inch and 2-inch lumber. Our appearance grade for 2-inch lumber is called a #1 Grade, whereas the appearance grade for our 1-inch lumber is considered a #2 Grade.


Applications: Interior and exterior trim, fascia, siding, soffit, etc.

Texture: Circle Sawn; Double Band Sawn available in 1x8, 1x10, and 1x12s

Finish: Unfinished

Grade: #1 Grade for 2-inch; #2 Grade for 1-inch

Thickness: 1” or 2”

Width: 4” – 12”

Net Coverage: Full Dimension (While we cut our lumber to be full dimension after dried, wood will constantly move and change. Rough lumber can shrink up to ½” in 12” wide boards.)

Length: 8’ – 16’

Moisture Content: Kiln dried to less than 15%

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