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"The profession of forestry serves society by fostering stewardship of the world’s forests. Because forests provide valuable resources and perform critical ecological functions, they are vital to the well-being of both society and the biosphere."


Our Mission with Forestry Education

In 2020, Marks Lumber released the inaugural video that launched our journey into forestry education and advocacy. This ongoing educational series works to identify the benefits of a more proactive, science-based forest management policy. Our goal is to share an insider perspective on how responsible forestry and the entire timber products industry can create a lasting, positive impact on Montana’s wildlife habitat, air quality, water quality, and safety.

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Forestry beliefs & practices

At Marks Lumber, we are dedicated to producing sustainable wood products that provide benefits for our customers, communities, and forests. We utilize Montana Forestry’s Best Management Practices as a guide to harvest timber in a responsible, sustainable, and ecologically friendly fashion. We believe that by actively and responsibly managing forests, we can help improve water quality, air quality, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, and recreational opportunities across forested landscapes. We pride ourselves in our forestry practices. However, we are not alone in our beliefs. Overall, those involved in the timber products industry are excellent stewards of the forests and work hard to ensure they are constantly improving the areas they treat.

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Strong advocates for active forest management

While we are strong advocates for active forest management and the need for more support for management activities on both public and private land, we do not want to treat every acre of forest. We understand and believe that forests require diversity and that diversity ranges from clear-cut sections, to thinned sections, to untouched wilderness areas. We believe that active forest management is an excellent tool to help prevent catastrophic wildfires; however, we don’t want to try to prevent every fire on the landscape. Managing the land is all about balance, and by utilizing experienced foresters, we can adapt prescriptions and treat the land according to its current and future needs.

Forestry Articles

Marks Lumber Gate
The Marks Lumber Difference: Sustainable Lumber Products with a Forest First Focus

Nov 01, 2023

Marks Lumber is a family-owned circular sawmill located in Clancy, Montana, with over 75 years of experience sourcing quality fiber and producing beautiful circle sawn timber products. However, our unique...

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Celebrating Montana Forest Products Week: Extending Appreciation to the Forest Products Industry

Oct 15, 2023

In 2011, the Montana Legislature established the third week of October as Montana Forest Products Week. The week is dedicated to honoring and extending appreciation to the forest products...

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Recreation and Forest Management: How Responsible Forestry Supports Recreational Opportunities

Apr 05, 2023

Outdoor recreation is one of the many things that make our public lands special. Hiking, biking, fishing, camping and backpacking are just a few of the many activities we get...

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Forestry Infrastructure: Sustaining Montana's Forests and the Timber Products Industry

Nov 09, 2022

Maintaining healthy forests in Montana is the ultimate goal of the forest products industry. Despite strong efforts to restore our forests to diverse, healthy, and resilient ecosystems, there is still...

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Forest to Flooring: Making Wood Products Even More Sustainable

Aug 17, 2022

At the forefront of our attempts to find the most environmentally friendly building materials are wood products. Wood, unlike its concrete and steel alternatives, is a renewable resource that stores...

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Forest Health and Human Intervention

Jul 20, 2022

“I think people philosophically question whether man has a role in managing forests or if letting nature take its way is the best route. The reality is that we live...

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The Forest Products Industry: Providing Necessary Support for Active Forest Management

May 25, 2022

The connection between forest management and the timber products industry is often misunderstood by the public. We all know that sawmills need trees to produce goods. But did you know...

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How Active Forest Management Can Aid in Carbon Sequestration

Apr 13, 2022

Active forest management is an excellent way to minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfires, protect air and water quality, and provide sustainable wood products. But did you know it...

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After the Fire: The Effects of Catastrophic Wildfires

Feb 23, 2022

Over the past year, catastrophic wildfires have wreaked havoc on the Western United States and across the world. These large-scale forest fires are a danger to society and the...

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Sustainable Forest Management in Action at the Sterling Ranch

Jan 26, 2022

In this video, Marks Lumber profiles John Ottman of Ottman Forestry Consultant, discussing his largest endeavor as a private forestry consultant - a 26-year project known as the Sterling Ranch...

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What is Sustainably Harvested Wood?

Jan 12, 2022

Wood products are on the rise, not only because of their natural beauty but also because they are naturally sustainable. Wood products are one of the only renewable materials...

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Ottman Forestry and the Sterling Ranch

Nov 24, 2021

John Ottman, Founder of Ottman Forestry Consultants, has worked in the woods for nearly 40 years - learning, educating, protecting, and advocating for our forests. Ottman graduated from the...

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Forest Health Defined

Nov 17, 2021

What is a healthy forest? The phrase “healthy forest” is used so often in literature and propaganda surrounding forest management decisions, that this may seem like a simple question...

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Marks Lumber Receives the Governor’s Inaugural Forest Products Award

Oct 27, 2021

Last week, Marks Lumber was honored to be presented the Governor’s inaugural Forest Products Award. Governor Greg Gianforte created the Forest Products Award in 2021 to help encourage and...

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ML Managing Forests
Creating and Managing Healthy Forests: A Video for Montana Forest Products Week

Oct 20, 2021

This week, October 17-23, is Montana Forest Products Week. Established in 2011, Forest Products Week is dedicated to honoring the forest products industry and extending its appreciation for providing gainful...

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On the Ground: The Forester's Role in Forest Management Decisions

Aug 25, 2021

"The profession of forestry serves society by fostering stewardship of the world's forests. Because forests provide valuable resources and perform critical ecological functions, they are vital to the well-being of...

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The Good Neighbor Authority: A Step in the Right Direction for Montana Forest Management

Mar 24, 2021

"Our forests give us countless benefits: clean drinking water, millions of jobs, recreation opportunities, and more. Keeping these benefits requires forest management – and no one group can do it...

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Montana’s Best Management Practices: Protecting Water Quality and the Entire Forest Ecosystem

Dec 23, 2020

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, which is why protecting and maintaining our water quality is so important. The current rise in catastrophic wildfires across the...

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The Brooklyn Bridge Project: A Case Study

Nov 25, 2020

In March 2020, Marks Lumber entered into an important public-private partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) – one that will...

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Responsible Forestry for a Healthier Montana

Oct 21, 2020

This week, October 18th - 24th, is Montana Forest Products Week, which recognizes the forest products industry as a significant contributor to Montana forests and communities. In celebration of this...

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