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Made in Montana, grown in Montana, Marks Lumber’s circle sawn Douglas fir flooring captures the rugged, natural beauty of its home state. Unlike retextured products, our wood flooring is created using a circle saw head rig, achieving a unique texture that can’t be replicated. Enjoy the beauty and durability of our top-selling product throughout your home. Our circle sawn flooring comes unfinished, allowing you to customize your floors to achieve a wide variety of design goals, including mountain modern, rustic, industrial, and more.

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Marks Lumber's circle sawn wood flooring is made from Douglas fir, one of the strongest softwoods available. With proper installation and maintenance, this makes for a durable and long-lasting wood flooring option. The authentic circle saw marks also help hide the dings and scratches that inevitably come with everyday wear and tear.

Our circle sawn flooring is end-matched, meaning it has tongue and groove on all four sides. This helps minimize waste and makes for quick and easy installation. However, we also offer a center-matched option that requires a slightly more labor-intensive installation but provides the same beautiful look and feel.

Sold in random length bundles. Choose between a 4-inch, 6-inch, or 4 and 6-inch mixed width.


Surfaces: Floors

Texture: Circle Sawn

Finish: Unfinished

Grade: #2 and Better

Thickness: 13/16”

Width: 4”, 6”, or mixed width

Net Coverage: 3 ¼” or 5 1/8”

Length: Sold in random length 2’-10’ bundles

Moisture Content: Kiln dried to approx. 12%

Profile: End-Matched Tongue and Groove with Relief Marks; or Center-Matched Tongue and Groove with Relief Marks


Douglas fir is one of the most durable softwoods available, making it the builder’s choice for many different applications. While wood flooring is more delicate than engineered flooring options, the texture of circle sawn flooring offers a slight camouflage from the dings and scratches that inevitably come with everyday wear and tear.

We typically recommend adding about 5% waste to ensure you have enough product to finish up your project.

Our flooring should be nailed into place.

We recommend letting the flooring acclimate in your house for two weeks. Acclimation is crucial to making sure your flooring moves as little as possible once it is installed.

Choosing a stain can be one of the most difficult decisions you make when it comes to wood flooring. Our flooring comes unfinished, giving you the freedom to choose from a wide array of options that fit your unique style. While we do not sell stains at Marks Lumber, we can provide you with suggestions. We recommend using the Old Master’s brand, oil-based stain.

Because you will sand, seal, and finish your floors during the installation process, the end product will feel smooth. With circle sawn flooring, you get both the comfort of smooth wood floors and a unique, rustic appeal that adds character and beauty to any space.

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