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Oct 12, 2022

Five Reasons to Choose Circle Sawn Flooring

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Circle sawn flooring holds a host of benefits for any building project. From durability and low-maintenance perks to a classic look that you’ll love for decades, you can’t go wrong with this unique textured lumber as the visual foundation of your home. Here are just a few reasons to choose circle sawn flooring.

It’s Low Maintenance

All you really need to do for floor maintenance is a gentle clean with water and a floor cleaner that doesn’t leave a residue. Check with the flooring manufacturer—there may be a specific cleaner that would be ideal for your flooring. For Marks Lumber's circle sawn flooring, we recommend using Bona products for cleaning and maintenance.

When the day comes that you feel your flooring needs a refresh, it’s easy to refinish, too. To refinish the flooring, just clean it, sand down the existing finish with sandpaper, and apply a fresh coat of finish.

It Gets Better Over Time

Circle sawn flooring is full of character from the start, and it doesn’t end after installation. With its rough texture that’s designed to look lived in, every ding and dent just adds to the look of the flooring. With standard smooth flooring, these kinds of scratches tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Circle sawn actually tends to get smoother, showing the story of the years in a home.

Installation is Easy

Many of the standard wood flooring options out there only have tongue and groove on the sides of the board. This means each board must be trimmed in the field, resulting in more time spent on the job and more waste to be removed. But Marks Lumber’s circle sawn flooring is end-matched to avoid that, making installation simpler. Basically, instead of having tongue and groove just on the sides of each plank, there’s also tongue and groove on the end of each board. This makes installation quicker and more cost-effective!

Durability Pays Off

One of the biggest impacts on wood flooring are the scratches and dings from pet claws as they scramble to get traction on the smooth, slick surface. With circle sawn flooring’s texture, pets have a bit more grip as they get going so you’ll see fewer scratches. And even if the flooring does get scuffed up, you’ll notice it less with the texture.

Unique Texture Shows Style

That circular saw blade texture isn’t just functional. It also serves to give your home a timeless aesthetic. Depending on the finish you choose, you can play up the rustic elements for a traditional feel, or you can take a more modern and airy look. Either way, it makes a style statement in any home.

When you’re ready to select flooring for your next project, Marks Lumber can give you the supplies you need, with the support and recommendations to carry you from your first idea to living in and loving your space. Get in touch to find your flooring, paneling, siding, and a wide range of lumber products and finishes.

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