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Why Choose Marks Lumber for Your Timber Frame

Marks Lumber’s master craftsmen can build your timber frame dreams by providing expertise, services, and materials that make your vision a reality. Cody Marks manages the timber framing business, having worked as an independent contractor for many years before bringing his skillset back to the family business. Cody loves to use his talent and extensive knowledge to help homeowners create beautiful, unique timber frame structures.

We can provide support for almost any project. Whether you require the assembly and installation of an entire Mortise and Tenon timber frame or support in manufacturing pieces for a faux truss to be installed by another builder. Our craftsmen have completed projects in large commercial ventures, dream homes, cabins, and even pergolas. Projects can involve traditional Mortise and Tenon construction or bolt together/plate construction.


The Marks Lumber timber frame team has the experience and the commitment to finish every timber frame project to the satisfaction of our valued customers. Communication is key at every phase of the project. On a larger timber frame project, this communication is so much more than a two-way street; the home or business owner, general contractor, architects, structural engineers, and timber framers must all be on the same page throughout the entire project. Obviously, projects go best when you get off on the right foot. So, read on. Let’s get to know each other.

Meet & Greet


  • Understand the vision and get a feel for what you envision
  • Talk budget
  • Look at different designs and styles
  • Look at completed projects
  • Questions and answers

Preliminary Design

  • Commit to the design, including timber type and joinery style.
  • Understand and document your ideas and vision, then leverage our expertise to create a custom drawing.
  • The Marks Lumber team will meet with the general contractor, architect, and engineer to help incorporate the trusses into your home. Depending on the project, this may include an onsite visit.
  • A non-refundable, 5% down payment will be required for large-scale projects.

Final Design Phase

  • Final designs are revised and signed off.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required.
  • Timbers are ordered.

Manufacture/Assembly Phase

  • All timber members are manufactured, ends cut, and joinery completed.
  • Iron components, if any, are purchased and manufactured.
  • Preliminary assembly for sizing and quality assurance.
  • Final assembly of components.

Final Build

  • Package materials and components for delivery.
  • 95% payment due.
  • Deliver material to the job site.
  • Site assembly (as agreed upon).
  • Final walkthrough.
  • Final payment.


Timber framing is all about connecting timbers to one another. Not only is the joinery the art of the structure, but it is also where its strength comes from. There are many different types and styles of joinery that can be used for different purposes. Different styles of joinery can give a timber frame project a completely different look and motif.

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Mortise and Tenon

Traditional artisan joinery. Each joint is created with a tongue (or tenon) and a tight-fitting groove (or mortise). Joints are then pegged together with wooden dowels. There are no modern metal fasteners.

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Hidden Fasteners

Hidden Fasteners are another way to assemble your frame. There are many types of hidden fasteners, and we can work together to help find the best fasteners for your frame.

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Metal Plates

Metal Plates are common and can add strength to your project. Using metal plates helps add a more industrial look and feel to your structure.

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Timber Screws

Timbers Screws are a common and inexpensive way to join timbers. Timber screws are ideal for smaller trusses. We can even add faux pegs to give it the classic Mortise and Tenon look.

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