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Apr 14, 2021

Log, Timber Frame, and Post and Beam Homes

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Log homes, timber frame homes, and post and beam homes are classic building styles that feature large logs or timbers as their main attraction. While many people tend to confuse or use these styles interchangeably, there are slight differences in the design and construction of each. Despite these differences, one thing remains the same about these wood-constructed homes – they are made for people who want to bring the beauty and character of natural materials to their homes. Today, we will go over the difference between log homes, timber frame homes, and post and beam homes so that you can identify each of these different types of builds and which one suits you best.

Log Homes

Log homes are one of the most well-known styles of wooden houses to date. Log homes have become well known as structures of the wild west and the American frontier, despite being used for hundreds of years throughout Europe before making their debut on U.S. grounds.

Log homes are easy to spot due to the logs stacked horizontally to create the home's shell. The same logs that make up the house's exterior barrier can also be seen on the home's interior. The logs are often chinked in between to create a nice, weather-resistant barrier and enhance the look of each individual log.

Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes are characterized by the construction of vertical posts connecting to horizontal beams, creating the frame of the home. Timber frame homes often place the walls outside the frame, leaving the timbers exposed on the interior for visual appeal. These types of homes are known for being incredibly sturdy. They offer many different design possibilities as they don't rely on load-bearing walls to help support the structure.

Another design element specific to timber frame homes is the type of joinery used to connect the timbers together; they use woodworking joinery to join the timbers.

Post and Beam

The differences between post and beam structures and timber frames are minuscule. The most important distinction is the way that the timbers are connected. While timber frames use only wood to connect timbers together, post and beam construction often uses steel plates and bolts to help secure timbers to one another.

It is often thought that timber frame homes create more of an elaborate structure than that of post and beam – being associated with characteristics such as vaulted ceilings and big, bulky trusses. However, this is a common misconception, as post and beam homes can be just as beautiful and elaborate as timber frame homes. The only true difference between the two is the way they are connected.

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