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Our goal is to become the most organized, efficient, respected specialty sawmill in Montana by consistently manufacturing top quality products by employees knowledgeable in all aspects of business, thereby becoming Montana’s destination lumberyard where our customers know they can come to have their lumber needs met.

Log to Lumber

In this video, watch as logs are bucked, debarked, and fed into the sawmill, where they get turned into our specialty lumber products. Every product we manufacture, including our flooring and siding, begins with these steps. We choose the best possible logs for the material you need and are in constant communication about what needs to be done to ensure you are receiving top-quality lumber. Here's an inside look at what this process looks like, from log to lumber and every step in-between.

Order Process

In an effort to provide better service to our customers, Marks Lumber has implemented a pre-order process for our stock material. Orders will be ready for pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To avoid any confusion, use this guide to identify which day to pick up your order based on the day you placed your order.

Stock Order Process
Important Information

Order on Monday
Pick up Thursday

Order on Tuesday
Pick up Thursday

Order on Wednesday
Pick up Following Tuesday

Order on Thursday
Pick up Following Tuesday

Order on Friday
Pick up Following Tuesday

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