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May 17, 2023

Why Buy Sawmill Direct

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Purchasing lumber from a sawmill may sound intimidating at first, but there are many benefits to buying your wood products directly from the source. If you’re looking for high-quality, sustainable products at a low cost, purchasing from a local sawmill may be your best bet.

At Marks Lumber in Clancy, Montana, we take pride in providing sustainable lumber products for our community and helping our customers throughout their entire journey, from purchase to installation. Here are a few reasons why giving your local sawmill a call might be the right choice for you.

Quality Control

If you’re a seasoned woodworker, you know how hit-or-miss it can be trying to buy wood at a big box store. Sometimes there’s plenty of stock with beautiful quality pieces and sometimes, you're left with nothing but twisted, dinged-up boards. Purchasing lumber directly from a sawmill is an entirely different story in terms of the quality you receive.

At Marks Lumber, we take pride in ensuring a high-quality product from start to finish. Each log is carefully selected with a specific product in mind. They are then milled, kiln-dried and hand-graded. Once our graders have evaluated each board, they are then stacked in units to maintain quality rather than for ease of access.

Product Knowledge

Working at a sawmill requires extensive knowledge of wood products. The knowledgeable sales team at Marks Lumber can walk you through each stage of the process, from harvesting the logs to installing the product in your home. We can help you determine what product is right for you, how much you need, when the best time to purchase is, and how to install it. Plus, depending on your project requirements, we may be able to point you in the direction of a slightly lower grade to help save you on costs!

Price Point

Nowadays, lumber can get expensive fast. Purchasing sawmill direct may be able to help avoid the sticker shock when it comes time for a large project. Because there is no middleman or added transportation costs, sawmills are often the more affordable choice for sourcing your lumber.


Not only does purchasing directly from a sawmill help keep prices low, but it is also a more sustainable option than when you buy material from a big box store. When you purchase from a sawmill, there's a big chance your salesperson will have a general idea of where the logs came from and how they were harvested. Knowing where your materials come from is essential for being a responsible consumer of this sustainable, renewable building material.

At Marks Lumber, our wood products are made from local, sustainably harvested timber. We take pride in knowing where each log comes from and how it was harvested. It's just one of the many ways we can do our part for our forests.

Ready to reap the benefits of buying sawmill direct? Contact Marks Lumber today for all your circle-sawn lumber, siding, flooring, and timber needs.

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