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Apr 21, 2021

Why Do People Choose Rough Cut Timbers?

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There is a common misconception about what you can and can’t do with rough-cut lumber and timbers. Many people are surprised to learn that rough cut material can be used for both interior and exterior accents and is often used as the focal point throughout houses, cabins, and even multi-million dollar homes. People choose rough-cut timbers for many different kinds of projects, from beautiful timber frame trusses that set the tone for the rest of the home to indoor accents that make an interior feel cozy and unique.

At Marks Lumber, our full-dimension circle sawn timbers can be used for virtually any project. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider using circle sawn timbers for your next project.


Our circle sawn timbers are just like they made back in the day – cut to full-dimension. Nowadays, many lumber products have an actual dimension that is approximately ½ inch smaller than the nominal dimension given. For example, the actual size of a 2x4 that you find in big box stores is often only 1 ½” x 3 ½”. This nominal dimension has become the standard size for most lumber and timbers you find today, as size is reduced during the planing process.

At Marks Lumber, we continue to cut our boards and timbers to their actual, full dimension. This creates a stronger, sturdier piece of wood. It also adds bulk to its appearance, giving it an old-time look that many people are now trying to replicate.

Unmatched Character

Because band saws are considered more efficient than circular saws, circle sawn lumber is becoming more of a rarity than other lumber textures. In fact, Marks Lumber is one of the few sawmills left in the Western United States that manufactures circle sawn lumber and timbers.

Many people seek out circle sawn material because of the traditional beauty and character it offers. Some manufacturing facilities are actually starting to replicate the look in order to meet this resurfacing demand for authentic circle sawn material. The distinct arched saw marks offer a unique visual appeal that complements the surrounding natural beauty that Montana is known for, bringing the rusticity of the outdoors into your home.

Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Transition

At Marks Lumber, our circle sawn timbers are graded to the Western Wood Products Association standard for Grade #1 and Better. This means that our Select Grade timbers are carefully selected to ensure they will be up to industry standards, minimizing knots, wane, and surface checking. This strict grading process helps builders and homeowners feel confident in using our circle sawn timbers both for indoor and outdoor projects.

Looking to bring the natural Montana beauty of our circle sawn Douglas fir timbers to your home? Contact Marks Lumber today to visit with one of our qualified sales representatives!

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