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Nov 15, 2023

Can Hardwood Floors Be Installed Over Concrete?

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Hardwood floors are tough to beat - with a classic appeal that tends to work in any style of home, this flooring is as versatile as it gets. However, if you’re trying to decide on what type of flooring is best to cover concrete, you may be wondering if you’re limited to something like carpet or laminate. At Marks Lumber in Clancy, Montana, we’re here to help you determine if hardwood flooring is a viable option for your space.

Floating Wood Floors

Floating floors are installed using interlocking pieces to lock them in place. The process is usually used for vinyl, laminate or even engineered wood floorings and is a quick solution for installing flooring over concrete slabs. However, despite the appeal of a quick, easy installation process, it is not a process recommended for hardwood flooring.

Always Have a Subfloor

Because solid wood floors are a natural, living material, they tend to expand and contract with the variation in moisture levels. While these are very minor movements in the moment, over time, they can lead to gaps between the planks.

At Marks Lumber, we recommend nailing down hardwood flooring to help minimize movement as much as possible. This means that installing a subfloor is necessary for proper installation. Just be sure that adding the subfloor in addition to the wood flooring won’t create a problem with the height of your doors or cabinets.

Moisture Levels

Another reason why you shouldn’t install wood floors directly over concrete without proper preparation is due to the moisture levels of concrete. Concrete is porous and tends to hold moisture. This can create a nightmare if you install wood flooring directly on top without a subfloor or moisture barrier. Marks Lumber recommends using a moisture barrier in addition to your subfloor for the best results.

Acclimating Your Wood Floors

The key to installing any hardwood flooring successfully is acclimation. Ensuring that your floors are adjusted to the moisture levels in the area you plan to install is essential to a lasting, quality product. At Marks Lumber, we recommend letting your flooring acclimate for 10-14 days in the place of use.

While installing hardwood floors directly over concrete isn’t recommended, there are ways you may be able to achieve long-lasting results. At Marks Lumber, our circle sawn flooring can help elevate your space. Contact our qualified sales team today to learn more about our circle sawn products, or download our circle sawn flooring installation instructions today.

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