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Dec 20, 2023

What is End-Matched Flooring?

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At Marks Lumber, we know a thing or two about flooring. With over 75 years of experience, we’ve worked hard to perfect our renowned circle sawn flooring. To us, this means that our flooring is not only beautiful and durable but also easy to install. That’s why we take the time to end-match our flooring to help save you both time and money. So, what exactly is end-matching and why is it so important?

What is End-Matched Flooring?

End-matching is when the ends of boards are trimmed with a tongue and groove profile. This means that there are tongue and groove joints on all four sides of a board. End-matching allows the boards to “lock” together on each side and create an effortless and secure fit.

Easy Installation With End-Matched Flooring

Before end-matched flooring, every board had to be trimmed during the installation process. This made installation a time-consuming and extremely tedious process. With end-matched flooring, each piece fits together seamlessly, creating a quick and easy installation process. Both experienced builders and DIYers alike can appreciate just how easy and pain-free end-matched flooring is to install.

Less Waste

Because end-matched flooring doesn’t require each piece to be trimmed, you can expect significantly less waste on the job site. While end pieces will still need to be trimmed to fit, there will still be significantly less sawdust and end pieces to clean up afterward.

At Marks Lumber, defects that made it through the initial grading process may also be removed. This also helps minimize waste during installation and ensures only the highest quality pieces go into your home.

Saves Money

Of course, less waste also means less money. Generally, with wood flooring that is not end-matched, experts recommend factoring in about 10% more material for waste. However, with our end-matched flooring, we recommend adding only about 5%. This can help cut down on costs significantly, especially for areas with a lot of square footage.

A Consistent, Durable Look

With the tongue and groove on all four sides, each end-matched board fits together snugly, creating a more even, consistent look. Additionally, the tight seal created with the tongue and groove makes for a more waterproof joint that may help your flooring last longer.

Interested in learning more about our end-matched, circle sawn flooring? Contact Marks Lumber in Clancy, MT today to get a quote.

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