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Feb 15, 2023

What is Circle Sawn Wood Flooring?

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Circle sawn wood flooring is trending for its highly distinctive appearance inspired by the rustic floors of the past. Despite the old-fashioned inspiration behind them, circle sawn wood floors are now being used in a variety of different home styles including mountain modern, traditional and industrial styled homes. While the popularity of circle sawn wood flooring is growing, information about authentic circle sawn floors can still be hard to find. To help determine whether or not this flooring is right for you, here’s a brief overview of this unique flooring option.

History of Circle Sawn Wood Flooring

When we think of beautiful, historic houses, one of the main features that come to mind are cozy hardwood floors. While wood floors are one of the most timeless features of a home, there have been many different iterations of wood floors throughout history.

The invention of the circular saw came about in the late 18th century, revolutionizing lumber production. During this time, wood floors were left unfinished, revealing the rough circle sawn texture that was often meant to be covered or painted. Finished hardwood floors, like the ones we are accustomed to today, didn’t come about until the late 19th century with the invention of steam-driven woodworking machinery.

The Look

Nowadays, circle sawn wood flooring is making a comeback as people look to the past for classic and timeless design inspiration. Circle sawn wood flooring has a unique look that is characterized by the distinct, arched saw marks made by the circular saw. While circle sawn wood flooring can help create a more rustic feel in certain settings, the look isn’t limited to just old-fashioned aesthetics. The distinct look that circle sawn flooring offers can easily be styled in mountain modern, contemporary and industrial style homes

The Finish

Unlike historical homes where unfinished wood floors were meant to be covered, modern day circle sawn flooring is meant to be flaunted. Because of the beautiful, distinctive look this flooring offers, circle sawn floors tend to be the star of the show. Thankfully, wood flooring finishes have come a long way and can do wonders to keep your floor comfortable on your feet for many years. At Marks Lumber, we recommend using the Bona system to seal and protect your wood floors.

The Benefits

In general, wood flooring offers a wide array of benefits including a timeless look and feel, higher resale value and the ability to refinish them when they start to look a little dull and dingy. Due to the texture and shadows that circle sawn wood flooring provides, these floors have the added benefit of providing a bit of camouflage that helps hide minor scuffs.

Marks Lumber manufactures authentic circle sawn wood flooring, meaning the circle sawn texture is made using a unique circle sawn head rig rather than retextured from a smooth product. This allows us to have a slightly thicker product than usual, measuring in at 13/16”. While only slightly thicker than average, this makes our product an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

At Marks Lumber, we are the experts in circle sawn flooring, providing wood floors to homeowners and builders across Montana and the entire U.S. Contact our qualified sales team today to learn more or get a quote.

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