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May 19, 2021

The Versatility of Circle Sawn Wood Flooring

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Circle sawn wood flooring may have a rustic appearance, but it’s being used by builders and homeowners to achieve a variety of unique looks. From modern farmhouse to natural minimalist, circle sawn wood flooring adds character to nearly desired style. Today we’ll be going over some of the most popular looks people achieve with circle-sawn wood flooring. But first, let’s explain what circle-sawn flooring is and what makes it so intriguing.

What is Circle Sawn Wood Flooring?

Authentic circle-sawn flooring achieves natural texture from a circle saw head-rig. Logs go through the saw at varying speeds, creating those unique and uneven circle saw marks. All of these variables affect the surface of the boards, leaving subtle differences that are virtually impossible for an automated re-texturing process to duplicate. Basically, it’s a hard look to replicate without creating it the authentic way it’s always been done.

These subtle differences in texture are what create that renowned character that makes circle sawn flooring so special. At Marks Lumber, we make our flooring from local, Montana-grown Douglas fir, giving it a natural and warm appearance. You’ll also find that inland fir contains striking color contrasts that bring added dimension to your floors.

Here’s how many people are achieving a variety of looks with circle-sawn wood flooring.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is easily one of the most popular styles for homes right now. Made famous by HGTV shows and lifestyle magazines, people love this look for its mix of old and new. Natural and rustic materials, like circle sawn flooring, are matched with clean, modern touches like sleek white cabinets, painted brick, and modern appliances. This creates a quaint, homey feel that reminds residents of a simpler time, yet still provides sophistication and convenience through the modern accents and amenities.

For this look, the more rustic-looking the wood floor is, the better. Homeowners will generally choose a stain that enhances the unique characters of the circle sawn lines, bringing that historic looking touch to a more modern home.

Rustic Boho

For some, bohemian is the desired look. Warm and comforting circle sawn wood floors pair well with shag or fur rugs and natural, flowy textiles like bedding and drapes. They also complement rustic boho decor like tapestries, macrame, or hanging plants.

Warm tones are ideal for wood flooring in this case, adding to the overall natural glow of this look.

Natural Minimalist

Natural minimalism is all about using natural, high-quality materials, and little else. In this aesthetic, circle-sawn wood flooring pairs well with concrete, marble or granite, brick, and other materials that aren’t man-made. This style showcases clean lines and natural light to create a calm, organic feel.

Any shade of wood flooring works well for this style, but many people opt for maintaining the natural color of the wood rather than staining it.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Interested in bringing your style to life with authentic circle-sawn wood flooring? Visit our showroom at Marks Lumber to see some options for yourself, or give us a call to talk about the possibilities.

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