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Oct 21, 2020

Responsible Forestry for a Healthier Montana

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This week, October 18th - 24th, is Montana Forest Products Week, which recognizes the forest products industry as a significant contributor to Montana forests and communities. In celebration of this, Marks Lumber presents the inaugural video of our ongoing multimedia educational series. In this series, we’ll be demonstrating the integral role the timber products industry plays in maintaining healthy forests and vibrant communities. This project will identify the benefits of a more proactive, science-based forest management policy and share an insider perspective on how responsible forestry and the timber products industry can create a lasting, positive impact on Montana’s wildlife habitat, air quality, water quality, and safety. These policy choices undeniably affect the overall health and lifestyle of the Montana communities we love.

In our first video, owner Steve Marks explains our philosophy to approaching a logging project and, by extension, our overall business practices.

“I want to leave someplace in better shape than it was when we started,” Steve says.

Marks’ desire to help create lasting, healthy forests and communities is a perspective shared by much of the timber products industry. Our job is not to cut everything in our path but to increase forest resilience by being a part of active forest management.

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