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Sep 28, 2022

Why Choose Circle Sawn Material

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Rough-textured lumber can give your home a unique, mountain modern look that can’t be replicated. However, authentic circle sawn material can be difficult to find nowadays, as many of the old circle saw mills switched to a band saw process to increase efficiency. Marks Lumber specializes in circle sawn lumber, timbers, siding, and flooring. And with a special focus on quality and sustainability, we produce beautiful, unique products you will be proud to use in your home.

Unlike planed wood, which is milled and then smoothed out on all sides for a simple, polished look, circle sawn wood keeps the one-of-a-kind rough texture created by the circular saw that cuts it. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose circle sawn material for your next project.

Dynamic Texture

The texture of circle sawn lumber is by far its most distinctive feature. Authentic circle sawn lumber like you find at Marks Lumber isn’t retextured for effect. It gets its varied surface from the circle saw head rig used to cut each board. The unique moisture content and density of each log means each piece is cut at a different speed. This means the frequency of saw marks varies across each piece, creating an intricate look that can’t be matched.

Versatile Aesthetic

You can choose circle sawn lumber for a range of applications and a number of different styles. Give your home a beautiful farmhouse look by using a dark stain on circle sawn flooring. Or create a minimalistic, natural look with a lighter stain to let the natural color variance shine through. Circle sawn material can be used on all the same applications as smooth material. Choose this unique texture for exterior siding, wall paneling, decking, or trim.

Easy to Finish

The rougher texture of circle sawn lumber makes staining prep simple. And rough-cut lumber tends to hold stain and paint longer than smoother textures. Be sure to give circle sawn flooring or boards a light sanding before you stain to give splinters the boot. Each application and type of wood has its own recommendations for finishing. Check out Marks Lumber’s informational guides to help you guide you along the way.

Conceals Dents and Dings

Scuffs from moving furniture, active kids, and pets all take a toll on flooring from time to time. But a big advantage of using circle sawn flooring is that the rougher texture can hide those nicks and dents that happen naturally over time. The wood in your home tells a story, with each scuff and scratch having a memory behind it. But that doesn’t mean the wear and tear has to be the focus of the room.


Because circle sawn lumber tends to be thicker than finished boards, there’s a lot of leeway when you’re refinishing them. Thicker lumber can take more footsteps and sun wear, more toy trucks, and speeding razor scooters, keeping your home looking great throughout the years.

Low Maintenance

Circle sawn lumber’s rough, rustic texture doesn’t just conceal dents and dings – it also makes maintenance easier. You might find that rough boards get a little smoother over time. But all it takes is some basic routine maintenance to keep your circle sawn flooring, siding, or paneling looking good for many years.

When you’re ready to start your project with circle sawn wood, Marks Lumber has the products you need to get there. From the boards themselves, to the stain and professional knowledge to help you along, you can find it all here. Get in touch today for more information.

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