Rough Cut Timbers

Marks Lumber manufactures quality timbers and dimensional lumber. We primarily manufacture from Montana grown Douglas Fir. We also have relationships with top quality providers of finished coastal fir. Douglas Fir is excellent material for both structural and architectural accents. 

Rough cut is general term for the many different types of unfinished timbers. The circle saw head rig at Marks creates a genuine antique look that cannot be duplicated. If you are looking for a slightly more modern look band sawn or even planed timbers fit the bill. Either way Marks provides quality Douglas Fir materials.

Marks Lumber also manufactures many industrial grade products that are ideal for any industry, and includes some the  agricultural products that the Marks family has been making for generations.

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Appearance Grade Timber Products

One of Marks most popular products are our circle sawn Douglas Fir timbers and lumber. We also source top quality coastal fir in smooth or bandsawn textures in most dimensions. Marks manufactures and sells material graded #1 and better (1 & btr), and for stain-grade appearance--meaning they have a minimum of blemishes.

  • Posts and Beams
  • Timber Truss Material
  • Entry
  • Porch and Pergola Materials

Rough Lumber

Industrial Timber Products

Marks Lumber manufactures lower grade material that has excellent strength and the natural weather resistance of Douglas Fir. These products are full dimension for added durability. Popular products include:

  • Corral Posts and Planks
  • Pole Building Materials
  • Fence Materials
  • Blocking and Dunnage 
  • Bridge Materials

Most material 2 inch and thicker can be treated if desired.