Rough Cut Lumber

Marks Lumber manufactures rough cut Douglas Fir lumber for all situations. We stock full dimension 2 inch circle-sawn lumber in grades Select Structural (SS), and #2 common. For full dimension 1 inch boards, we stock lumber in grades #2, and #3. At Marks Lumber, we kiln dry our material before it is graded, so all grades are dry.

Lumber Graded SS for 2 inch, and #2 for 1 inch are appearance grade. That largely means that they will be stain ready with basic preparation.

Lumber Graded #2 for 2 inch and #3 for 1 inch are good, sound boards, but are not an appearance grade. That means larger sound knots, a little more wane, a little more twist and bow, and some mill marks and black marks.


2 Inch Rough Cut Lumber

Marks Lumber stocks circle sawn lumber in 2 inch. We can provide Band Sawn boards as a special order item

Appearance Grade

Marks Lumber Select Structural grade rough cut lumber is commonly used for structural elements, and exposed wood. A few examples include:

  • Rafters or Purlins
  • Staircase components
  • Decking
  • Exterior trim
  • Window bucks
  • Interior Trim

Grade #2 Rough Lumber

Lumber graded in 2 common is often used in situations where strength does not need to be engineered as carefully and appearance is not as big an issue. Some uses are:

  • Coral Boards
  • Trailer Decking
  • Out Building Construction

Lower Grades

Any board that does not make #2 Grade goes into a cull grade unit. These pieces can be a great value for:

  • Landscape or Gardening Materials
  • Dunnage
  • Blocking or Cribbing


1 Inch Rough Cut Lumber

One inch rough lumber at Marks usually has 1 circle sawn face and 1 band sawn face. Because we specialize in Circle Sawn lumber we grade the circular sawn face. That generally means it is the better face, but often both faces make grade. If you are not planning on using the circle sawn face, be sure to specify and discuss with your sales person.

Appearance Grade Lumber

Rough cut lumber 1 inch thick and graded #2 and better are the best boards we stock. These boards have minimal defects and mill marks. This lumber is recommended for:

  • Exterior Trim, including facia and soffit
  • Siding (Board and Batt, Board on Board) on houses

A Cut Below - Grade #3

Lumber graded #3 common are often used in situations where appearance and consistency are not as critical. These are still nice boards and some uses include:

  • Sidings for outbuildings or shelters
  • Fence Boards
  • Rustic Accent Pieces

Lower Grades

Lower grade 1 inch boards are bundled into units and sold at discounted prices. Our product sold for building Windbreak is so popular we can't keep it in stock

Common uses include:

  • Windbreak Boards
  • Pallet Stock