Installation Instructions

Proper installation of wood products is important. Whether it is Montana flooring, siding These instructions are a great start, but get in touch with us if you have any additional questions. Of if DIY is not your style, give us a call for some assistance finding quality help.

If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Marks Lumber Montana Circle Sawn Douglas Fir FLooring

Basic circle sawn flooring installation is pretty straight forward. However, proper techniques, especially acclimation are important. Do it right, Do it once!

Board and Batt Installation Instructions

Don't nail through the board! While you are at it, download these instructions for the full scoop on installing Board and Batt Siding.

Beveled Edge Siding Installation Instructions

Beveled Edge is an awesome, rustic, chinked siding; but, you can hide the fasteners! Download this guide for an awesome installation experience.

Shiplap/105 Siding/Channel Rustic Siding Installation Instructions

All these are shiplap sidings. They are installed the same way. Learn the details for successful installation.

Tongue and Groove Installation Instructions

Tongue and Groove products are so flexible and great looking in so many places. Get the skinny on how to install these bad boys here.

Rough Lumber Finish

Here are some cool techniques for finishing rough lumber.

Cody's Awesome Color

Cody's Awesome Color

Here is the cabinet in the show room that get's all the attention and prompts all the questions.

Cody Marks, Timber Frame and Construction Manager concocted a great color for Douglas Fir.

It is made from Old Masters Oil Penetrating Stain.


Mix 50/50 to make 1 part

  • Spanish Oak
  • Pickling White

Mix with 3 parts

  • Dark Walnut


  • 1 pint Spanish Oak
  • 1 pint Pickling White

Add to

  • 3 quarts Dark Walnut