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Jan 03, 2024

4 Interior Design Trends You’ll Love

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A new year brings new design trends to discover and this year is no exception. And while design trends tend to come and go, a focus on quality, sustainable materials and functional design seems to be here to stay. Check out these four interior design trends we think you’ll love for 2024.

Biophilic Design

With health and well-being becoming such a focal point in many people’s lives, it’s no wonder that biophilic design is trending. The idea behind biophilic design stems from the Greek word biophilia, which describes the innate human desire to be connected to nature. Biophilic design focuses on reconnecting humans to nature by incorporating natural elements into our homes using wood products, greenery, natural light, and water features.

Incorporating these biophilic design elements into residential and commercial designs have been shown to have many positive benefits, including reduced stress response, reduced blood pressure, and increased focus.

Moving Away from Open Concept

With so many people still working from home, open-concept homes could be going by the wayside. Open-concept homes were all the rage a few short years ago, allowing for easy, seamless hosting and gathering. However, nowadays a more sectioned approach allows for more privacy for those embracing the work-from-home lifestyle.

Sustainable Design

While sustainable or eco-friendly design isn’t a new concept, it’s one that is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Sustainable design utilizes similar concepts to biophilic design, where natural materials are at the forefront. However, sustainable design tends to focus on the impact of the entire product lifecycle, including waste, transportation, and emissions.

Sustainable design also focuses on the energy efficiency of products in order to help lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Plus, energy-efficient products can help lower utility bills, making them a win-win for you and the environment.

Embracing Textures

While minimalism is still on the rise with an emphasis on clutter-free homes, incorporating different textures is a wonderful way to create a unique space without adding additional, non-functional elements. Utilizing rustic, circle sawn wood, stone, and natural fibers can all help create character without disrupting your clean, stress-free space.

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