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Log to Lumber Screenshot

Nov 23, 2022

Log to Lumber: A Look Inside Our Newly Renovated Sawmill


Things looked a little different here at Marks Lumber in 2022, with massive improvements being made to our sawmill. Starting in April, preparations began as we removed the old equipment and began installing a new edger and trimmer in order to create a safer, more efficient work environment for our crew.

In this video, see our new equipment in action. Watch as logs are bucked, debarked, and fed into the sawmill, where they get turned into our specialty lumber products. Every product we manufacture, including our flooring and siding, begins with these steps. We choose the best possible logs for the material you need and are in constant communication about what needs to be done to ensure you are receiving top-quality lumber. Here's an inside look at what this process looks like, from log to lumber and every step in-between.

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