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Jun 23, 2021

Log Yard Manager Troy Morse Leaving Marks Lumber After 25 Years


Last week, we said goodbye to one of the longest-serving members of the Marks Lumber team, Troy Morse. Troy has been working at Marks Lumber for the past 25 years, starting as a logger and working his way up to the log yard manager. Troy has watched and helped the company grow, assisting in the many developments in our operation. He even helped build the existing sawmill! Over these past 25 years, Troy has adapted to the many changes and developments in our operations and has led the log yard graciously through each transformation.

On a day-to-day basis, Troy is tasked with many different jobs. One of the most important ones being bucking logs and deciding what log will be made into what product. This may not sound like a difficult job to the average person, but learning how to find the right log for the right product takes a trained eye and careful consideration.

Troy’s role in the log yard is essential to our production goals, minimizing waste and ensuring good quality products. However, with the vast amount of experience he gained in the past 25 years, he is also in charge of loading and unloading log trucks and bi-products. Additionally, Troy helps operate the debarker, the first step the log goes through after entering the sawmill. With so much knowledge and such an extensive skill set, Troy is a highly versatile team player that will truly be missed.

Troy has always been willing to lend a helping hand and has set an excellent example for the rest of our team. Thank you for 25 years of service and friendship!

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