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Sep 07, 2022

Materials that Pair Well with Wood in Your Home

Tags: Project Inspiration

Wood has it all: style, strength, timelessness, and the ability to compliment just about any decor. Whether you’re incorporating tongue and groove paneling throughout your home, or you’re keeping it simple with wood floors, you can embrace the limitless pairings that wood provides. If you can dream up the combination, you can probably make it work. Here are a few of our favorite materials to match up with wood.


Reflect that wood grain infinitely when you pair a mirror with wood. Whether you choose to incorporate this pairing in furniture or other decor, wood and mirrors are a timeless mixture. Mirrors are a great way to up the impact of a wood feature in your home, and they can run the gamut of ultramodern to entirely traditional, depending on cut, framing and styling.


Wood and metal together in a home can be modern and austere or traditional and rough-hewn. You can pair your stain and metal finishes, going for matte black hardware on an espresso-stained door, or you can enjoy high contrast with bright silvers on darker cabinetry or vice versa.


Even without the mirror’s reflectiveness, straight glass can give a sense of depth when paired with wood interior elements. Windows trimmed in natural wood take on the look of a picture frame, featuring the outdoors as an art piece in your home. And glass-topped tables add an extra dimension to any room.


Think of a coffee mug sitting on the table, or a planter on a floating shelf. When you match natural-looking stoneware with circle sawn lumber, you can easily achieve that highly sought-after mountain modern aesthetic. Or you can choose a smoother wood finish to go along with more refined ceramics.


Whether it's textiles like stylish pillows on a wooden bench, or rough hemp rope supporting a shelf, natural fibers can make a statement next to wood. With plenty of patterns and textures out there, you can find the fabric that will complement any wood grain or stain color, incorporating the warp and weave in with the natural pattern of the wood. The customizations never end!


It might seem silly to say that wood pairs well with wood, but think about it. Many people hesitate to pair different colors of wood together, thinking it’s best to stick to a consistent shade of stain or even one species. But you don’t have to be limited by that type of thinking. You can mix light and dark, bold textures, and something more subdued. Embracing the unique characteristics of different species brings variety and visual interest to your home.

When you have a project in mind that brings wood into the mix, you want to find the right lumber to match your perfect vision. Marks Lumber has a great selection of rough cut lumber to get your project off the ground and a knowledgeable staff that can help steer you in the right direction. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

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