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Apr 07, 2021

Playground Time is Coming — That Means EWF Time at Marks Lumber

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The snow is melting off, and spring is finally in the air! While students are dreaming of summertime, it's time to start thinking about replenishing your playground materials to ensure that our kids come back in the fall to a safe play environment. Marks Lumber manufactures IPEMA Certified Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) from 100% natural materials that are sourced sustainably, making it the ideal product for playground use.

Our EWF:

  • Meets ASTM Standards F2075 for size standards.
  • Meets ASTM Standards F1292 for fall heights of 12'.
  • Is sustainably sourced, primarily using lumber that would have burned or rotted away.
  • Is locally harvested, minimizing the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process.

Get your playground freshened up before fall! Call Marks Lumber today for more information.

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