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Mill Update 3

May 11, 2022

Progress Report: 2022 Mill Upgrade

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Things are starting to look very different here at Marks Lumber as we approach the fourth week of our mill improvement project. We are so excited with the progress that has been made thus far, and can’t wait to be back up and running at the beginning of July.

What's Been Going On

So far, all old equipment has been removed, and most of the substructure is now in place. The trimmer should be in place this week as well. Our contractor is Columbia Construction out of Columbia Falls, MT. They specialize in building and designing sawmill equipment and wood processing facilities all throughout the U.S. We currently have ten of their millwrights onsite building new parts, lumber conveyors, lumber transfer chains, waste conveyors, and the substructure needed to hold the trimmer, edger, conveyor, and transfer chains. We also have five of our own very talented crew members assisting with this project.

There is also a new building now in place just north of the mill. This building is currently being used as extra lumber storage and to keep our cut and split firewood out of the elements.

Contractors and Vendors Used

As always, we appreciate your support and understanding as we work to improve our workplace for our employees and our customers. We look forward to being back in full production at the start of July and to being able to help you with your projects soon after that!

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