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Jul 27, 2022

Project Planning: Replacing Your Wood Siding

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Homeowners often dread when major home maintenance projects hang over their heads. But that doesn’t have to be the case with proper project planning. When the time comes to replace your home’s siding, you can take care of the project step by step, ensuring a finished product you love. Here’s how to plan for replacing your wood siding.

Draw on Inspiration

The first step of any project is getting inspired for what you want to go for. Do you like a rustic look or a polished and sophisticated one? Are you thinking natural or industrial? Take the time to drive around through nearby neighborhoods or scroll social media for the style you like. You can even reach out to local professionals for guidance on what will go best with the style of your home and the area where you live. Research the pros and cons of different options, whether that’s cost or durability. Sustainability, aesthetics, and insulating R-value of the material might also be factors for consideration.

Plan Your Budget

Budgeting should always be one of your first steps, so break down the true cost of the project. Cost varies greatly based on the size and style of your home, but the average cost of wood siding ranges from about $2 to $6 per square foot. Of course, there are other expenses to factor in. That includes labor for installation, but it also might involve upkeep, maintenance, and how long it will be until you need to replace the siding again. A material that can still be in great condition for many years, like wood, is worth a slightly higher cost if it can outlast the cheaper options. And at the end of the day, you want a house you’re happy to come home to every day.

Choose a Contractor or Do it Yourself

With projects like this that you really want to get right, going with a professional contractor is usually the best option. But if you have the skills and time to do it yourself, that might be an option for you as well. Take the time to get recommendations, do your research, compare quotes, and go with an installer you trust. Marks Lumber offers detailed product installation guides to help you feel confident if you decide to install yourself.

Pick Your Siding

Once you’ve considered the pros and cons of different options, it’s time to get down to it and pick your siding. And as soon as you’ve chosen, you’ll want to think about ordering supplies. With supply chain issues and shipping delays becoming the new norm, it pays to plan ahead here.

Strategize the Season

In Montana, the productive work season for exteriors is pretty short. You’ll encounter fewer delays related to weather if you plan your exterior work in the summer. However, because those months tend to be their busiest, your desired contractor may not have availability then. If you do schedule work in the autumn or spring, be prepared for the unexpected, which could take the form of weather delays and other setbacks.

Prep the Space

Getting the exterior of your home ready in advance goes a long way toward getting work done efficiently. Clean up the yard, make room for staging, and leave pathways clear for ease of access and to reduce hazards to workers.

Enjoy the Result

When the work is done, all that’s left is to enjoy the finished product—and plan for routine maintenance down the line, of course. When you opt for wood siding, you can trust that your home will be looking good for many years to come.

Marks Lumber’s many siding options can help you get that final result you’ll love long into the future. Get in touch to find out how we can help get your next project off the ground.

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