Board and Batten Siding

All over Montana you can find great old barns with great old board and batten siding. Douglas Fir board and batt creates a very durable siding that is easy to install and maintain. 

Board and Batt Siding can be planed on one side (for an exact thickness) with the rough face showing. The most common application is a 1x10 (7/8"x9 1/4") board attached with screws, leaving a 3/4" gap between boards, and the 1x3 (3/4"x2 3/4") batt attached with a screw in the center of the batt. 

For a more rustic look and a more economy, full dimension rough boards can be purchased and batts can be ripped by customer.

Board and Batt Installation Instructions - Download

Proper Installation of board-and-batten is critical. These instructions are a great start, get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.