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Feb 03, 2021

4 Inviting Entryway Design Ideas

Tags: Project Inspiration

Whether you realize it or not, your entryway sets the tone for your entire home and can make or break your home's curb appeal. Timber frame entryway trusses are incredibly inviting and make a great first impression on visitors. They offer a chance to express your unique style and creative freedom, with endless possibilities for design. Plus, they can serve functional purposes and create coverage for guests waiting at the door or relaxing on the porch.

At Marks Lumber, we love helping customers achieve the entryway of their dreams and know how important it is to get it just right. To jumpstart your design inspiration, here are some of our favorite entryway trusses that utilize our circle sawn Douglas fir timbers.

Ornate Entryway Truss

We love this Arch Chord King Post Truss for its decorative detail. It combines basic truss construction with softer, intriguing details, like a rounded finial and decorative braces. Its dark, rustic wood matches the color of the siding, tying the exterior of the home together. Plus, the red accents on the window trim bring out the warmer tones in the wood, creating a warm welcome for this homeowner and their guests.

Geometric Entryway Truss

This intricate modified Hammerbeam Truss immediately draws the eye straight to the entrance of this ranch-style home, with a metal tie rod that adds old-world charm. This truss combines Douglas fir timbers with stone supports to match the siding of the home. Outside of adding visual intrigue, this entryway also provides the perfect shelter for those entering. The whole vision comes together with a stone pathway that guides you directly to the front door.

Back Yard Entryway Truss

Who says entryway trusses can only be used on the front of a home? The owner of this home installed a truss in their backyard for both decoration and practicality. This large King Post Truss with Struts creates ample coverage for the back patio, making it an ideal place to grill, enjoy meals, and relax. The truss design emphasizes the wood's rustic character, creating an incredibly warm and inviting outdoor space to entertain in. It's simple yet effective.

Rustic Entryway Truss

This simple, rustic entryway truss plays a role in creating a cozy vintage cabin vibe with a slightly narrower entrance. The overall look combines various shades of timber and stone, creating contrasts that immediately catch your eye. With a timber frame entry like this, you'll be happy to be home after the day's done.

At Marks Lumber, we're here to make your entryway dreams come true. Whether you're building a home or planning an addition, we'll work with you on making your vision a reality. With years of experience in timber frame construction, we'll be happy to advise you on design and the type of timbers that would work best. Give us a call today to discuss your project!

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