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Sep 06, 2023

DIY Wood Projects That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home

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With all the benefits of wood – durability, sustainability, aesthetic, and more – it makes sense that it is such an ideal building material, even for the simplest DIY. And when you’re starting out in woodworking, the goal is to enjoy seeing these projects throughout your home without it being blaringly obvious they weren’t professionally made. With these DIY wood projects, get an instant home upgrade while you add an element of warm, authentic coziness. It’s up to you whether you tell people you did it yourself.

If you don’t have scraps of lumber just lying around at home, Marks Lumber’s rough cut lumber is the perfect start to your DIY project, allowing you to cut and stain it however you like to achieve the look you’re going for.

Floating Shelves

Nothing says custom quite like floating shelves. You can keep it simple with basic planks of wood, or you can choose a design that displays your quirky side. Make a mountain pattern or honeycomb shelves. You can even wrap the shelving around corners for a seamless and upscale look.

Sofa Sleeve

This project is an elegant touch for your living room, and it isn’t hard to make. If your sofa has square arms, you can construct a sleeve to drape over it and hold your drink, phone, remote, and even have a place to slide your magazine or book into for safe storage.

Wine Rack

Nothing says sophistication like having wine on display in the kitchen or dining room. An all-wood wine rack is a simple product to take on that will last a lifetime. Go for the classic rectangle, or challenge expectations with a sleek, modern design.

Wall Art

Wood has a natural beauty that doesn’t require any extra embellishments. When you incorporate natural wood pieces into your décor, there is something simple and elegant that comes from the swirl of the wood grain and the natural color variations. You can make wall art from wood as simple or complex as you like. Try a chevron pattern, other geometric layouts, or simple strips. Or you can get more elaborate with carvings and unique joinery.

Bathtub Tray

When you lie back for a soak in the tub, have your phone, candle, book and glass of wine handy without having to lean out of the tub or risk a splash. This is a simple DIY project that can be durable and long-lasting with the right sealant, while making your tub look styled and put together.

Floating Headboard

Enhance the look of your bedroom with a floating headboard. Mounted to the wall, this unique take on a classic bed frame makes the space seem bigger and your furniture look more sleek.

Six-Pack Holder

Elevate even the most straightforward of brews when you put them in a custom wooden six-pack holder. You can even add a bottle opener to the side to make it more convenient as you carry your chilled beers out onto the patio for barbeque nights.


Giving your home an upgrade can start before you even cross the threshold. A DIY doormat made from wood can give your home an extra boost of curb appeal. It acts as a welcoming resting place for the eye outside your front door. Or you can set one into your doorside boot tray to allow for drainage while improving the aesthetics of your entryway.

When you have a project in mind, Marks Lumber can get you supplied with the wood you need to get it done. Get in touch for expert advice and quality, Montana-grown circle sawn lumber.

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