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Apr 06, 2022

Spring Firewood Special: Get Stocked Up and Show Support for Active Forest Management!

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This spring, Marks Lumber is partnering with a non-profit dedicated to sustainable forest health initiatives. Now through June 1, 2022, for every pound of split firewood sold, Marks Lumber will donate $.01 to Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities. That’s a donation of about $27 per cord of split Lodgepole!


  • Firewood costs $.06 per pound for load-it-yourself at our location in Clancy
  • Firewood sale is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Delivery of up to 6 cords (about 16,200 pounds) of cut and split Lodgepole for approximately $203 per cord ($.07/pound) plus delivery

Delivery Fees

  • Helena - $100
  • Montana City, Jefferson City, Clancy - $75
  • Outside Helena Area - Calculated at $150/hour, round-trip

About Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the need for active, sustainable forest management to improve and sustain forest health; restore jobs and economic opportunities in rural communities; and provide timber-based revenues to support essential public services.

By supporting Healthy Forests Healthy Communities, you will help:

  • Educate the public and policymakers about the need for better forest management on our federal lands.
  • Advocate for reforms that support jobs in rural America while improving forest health and reducing wildfire risk.
  • Ensure our federal forests remain accessible to all Americans.
  • Oppose anti-forestry proposals and efforts to restrict forest management access.

Get stocked up on firewood before the fall rush! By purchasing your firewood now you can help show support for active forest management and the entire forest products industry.

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