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Feb 10, 2021

Why Choose Wood Siding- The Contractor Edition

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Wood siding is a tried and true favorite for upscale homes, resorts, and commercial buildings alike. A crowd-favorite in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, the homey and cozy qualities of wood siding are highly sought-after. While the popularity of vinyl and fiber cement sidings still thrives for their minimal maintenance and overall cost, wood siding is the way to go if you are looking to bring a warm and timeless appearance to your home or building.

Despite the care and maintenance wood siding requires, it is still one of the most popular siding choices amongst contractors because of its effortless beauty, easy installation, and environmental benefits. Here's why many builders and developers still prefer wood siding for their projects, both large and small.

Unmatched Appearance

When considering the type of siding to use for a home, development, or commercial building, appearance is one of the first things people will generally evaluate. Your siding choice can completely transform the entire building and is one of the best ways to make a structure stand out. Because vinyl and cement sidings are made from artificial materials, they can look fake, stagnant, and less inviting. In comparison, wood siding is a living material, meaning it will continuously move and change throughout its lifetime. This warmth and character of wood siding are why many high-end homes and developments will use wood siding over some of the lower maintenance options.

The unique nature of wood siding can bring any building to the next level. Marks Lumber's circle sawn siding offers a gorgeous Montana look that embodies the natural beauty of the outdoors that blends seamlessly into its environment.


We know how challenging it can be to stay on track with your construction schedule with so many variables at play. This is why, when it comes time to install siding, any time saved on installation is a huge perk. Because wood siding can easily be cut to length or ripped down, most wood sidings are relatively easy to install. Depending on the style of siding you choose, installation can be as simple as pre-finishing and nailing it to studs or horizontal blocking. This is especially convenient compared to the care and precaution it takes to install fiber cement or the challenge it can be to put up vinyl siding in the cold.

Environmentally Friendly

Appearance and easy installation aren't the only reasons many high-end developers have been opting for wood siding. As many people become more aware of the environmental impacts of constructing both residential and commercial buildings, wood is becoming a popular choice as an eco-friendly and renewable option. This shift to environmentally-conscious building has already begun to edge out these vinyl and cement sidings as builders adjust to the preference for more eco-friendly materials. Natural wood siding is an excellent recommendation for the more environmentally conscious client as it is renewable, recyclable, and sequesters carbon for the material's entire service life. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), "While we prompt each other to 'save the trees' and find ways to eliminate wood from our construction processes, others are using this resource to develop and maintain sustainable building practices that will help us all in the long run."

While there are many siding options to sort through, natural wood siding is tough to beat. Wood siding brings warmth and beauty to almost any building, and Marks Lumber's circle sawn siding options truly embrace the dynamic, Montana look that many people are searching for. Whether you're just starting your siding search, or you're ready to dive in and place an order, contact Marks Lumber today!

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