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Feb 24, 2021

Wood Trends You'll Love in 2021

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A new year brings new home improvement projects and wood trends to discover. When it comes to wood, we see some deviations from past trends, but the focus on quality, lasting materials is here to stay. Check out some of the latest wood trends you'll see in 2021. You never know – you may find inspiration for your next project!

Modern Rustic Wood Kitchens

While rustic, farm-style wood kitchens have been popular for years, this style merges with minimalism for a more modern approach. Designers use rustic, worn wood cabinetry, flooring, or countertops cut with sleek, straight lines and no embellishments. This creates a warm but minimalist look in a kitchen. To veer more toward an industrial look, you can pair rough-cut wood with other natural materials like metals, brick, and stone. The key to achieving this look is to use straight lines rather than rounded and to avoid any decorative engravings or accents. Keep it simple.

Wood Bedroom Accent Walls

While you've likely seen wood accent walls used in homes before, people love them as oversized headboards in bedrooms. Wood accent walls behind the head of the bed are a huge trend right now, as they draw attention to the room's focal point. Plus, with more people opting for minimal, platform-style beds, accent walls are now taking the place of a headboard. These wood accent walls add warmth and dimension to a bedroom and can be kept natural or painted white or another color to add some pizazz. Tongue and groove paneling is an excellent choice for interior accent walls.

Black Shiplap Accents

While Chip and Joanna Gaines and other HGTV hosts set the white shiplap trend in motion, a new twist on this trend is now taking hold: black shiplap. Rather than the brightening effect that white shiplap tends to have on a room, black shiplap brings a more sleek, subdued feel to a space. It's incredibly popular for the walls of spa-like bathrooms or as an accent wall in bedrooms. It can be done in a clean, matte finish or a more rustic one that showcases the character of the wood.

American-Grown, American-Made Wood Flooring

Buying locally and sustainably has never been more popular. More people are opting for wood products that are grown and harvested in nearby forests. Not to mention, more people are working with local manufacturers who contribute to their community and employ people in their area. Wood is also an incredibly sustainable material, as its production uses substantially fewer greenhouse gases than concrete and steel alternatives, and the carbon offset caused by tree growth cycles is a benefit to the environment as well. Purchasing wood through local sawmills like Marks Lumber will give you a quality product from a business you can feel good about supporting.

Mountain Modern Aesthetic

We are seeing more and more people design homes that we classify as "Mountain Modern." Mountain modern homes mix modern architectural designs with classic, rustic-looking materials, such as rough-cut wood, stone, and steel. Many Montanans are pioneering this trend, allowing the natural material to blend seamlessly into their beautiful environment and allowing the architecture to really make a statement.

Looking for Montana-made wood to tackle the latest trend in your home? Check out Marks Lumber's selection of circle sawn flooring, paneling, shiplap, and more. Visit us online or in-person at our location in Clancy, Montana.

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