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Jul 13, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Shiplap Siding

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Shiplap is classic – this style of joinery dates all the way back to the 15th century. But it has also swelled in popularity in recent years to become a bit of a movement, even a buzzword, in design and construction. So, what’s all the hubbub about? Here are just a few reasons to choose shiplap siding for your next project.

Shiplap Does Double Duty

We love it when a building material meets more than just one need. Why have siding that’s just attractive or merely durable when it could be both? Shiplap fits the bill. This interlocking wood siding has a natural look when stained, or it can take on a variety of aesthetics with just a few coats of paint.

Shiplap is Weathertight

Though some find its look similar to paneling like beadboard, shiplap actually uses a type of joint called a rabbet (you read that right—not the hopping kind!) rather than a tongue and groove. This type of joinery interlocks at right angles where each board meets, creating a smooth face and back side that is designed to be weathertight.

Shiplap is Highly Durable

Even as changes in temperature and humidity cause the wood to expand and contract, natural swelling will only make the seals stronger between each board. Because of the tight overlapping rabbet joint, shiplap can last for many years when properly installed and maintained. Most finishes on natural wood sidings benefit from regular washings. A light pressure power wash with a product such as Perma-Chink Systems’ Log Wash will remove dust and harmful pollen.

Shiplap’s Cozy Look is Customizable

Shiplap has long been loved both indoors and out for its aesthetic appeal. Siding on the outside can give your building a mountain modern or cottage feel, depending on whether you install it horizontally or vertically. And choosing between paint and stain colors can make the look more contemporary or traditional, depending on which treatment you go with. Whether natural or refined, you can customize the feel of your home’s exterior with shiplap. And with Marks Lumber offering siding in a variety of widths, you can add visual interest by mixing six-inch and eight-inch planks.

Shiplap Brings an Eco-Friendly Element to Your Build

Natural wood that locks in heat and keeps water out will trump vinyl or plastic any day of the week when it comes to sustainability. As a natural insulator, wood makes for a more energy-efficient siding than synthetic alternatives. Because it can last for many years, locally sourced wood siding packs a big environmental punch, lowering emissions caused by shipping across the country or even the world. Plus, wood is one of the only renewable building materials available, making its sustainability benefits even more significant.

Marks Lumber has the shiplap siding and extensive know-how to take your project to the next level. Get in touch for a quote and plenty of professional advice to get your building project off the ground.

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