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Jul 28, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Waney Edge Siding

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Waney edge siding – also called wavy edge or live edge siding – is incredibly popular in the Rocky Mountain region for its unique look. A waney edge is a natural log edge that has not been cut into a straight line. Always applied horizontally, waney edge siding lends itself to a very natural and rustic appearance, perfect for those who want their building to match elements of the outdoors. You’re not likely to find this kind of material at a big-box store like your local Home Depot, but from specialty suppliers or those who mill it themselves.

Marks Lumber, located in Clancy, Montana, manufactures two types of waney edge siding made from local Douglas fir: single waney edge siding and double waney edge siding. Single waney edge siding is a lap siding with one waney edge, commonly 1-inch-thick, in which the boards overlap each other slightly. Double waney edge siding – a chinked siding – has two waney edges, creating an even more unique and dramatic look with the contrast of the wood siding and the chinked joints. Double waney-edge siding is generally 1-inch-thick and results in a highly recognizable western look.

How to Use Waney Edge Siding

At Marks Lumber, our circle sawn head rig creates a beautiful surface texture on the boards. It is then kiln-dried and hand-peeled on the live edge. This process creates a perfect look for mountain chalets, backyard treehouses, and off-the-grid cabins – or simply any building that could use some natural, western charm. Waney edge siding looks great in combination with other materials like stone or stucco or contrasted with a vertical wood siding.

Learn about how to install your wood siding properly.

Maintenance for Waney Edge Siding

Wood is a long-lasting, durable material for siding, but it does need to be maintained periodically to prevent rot, warping, and UV damage. There are some treatments, like Valhalco’s Lifetime Wood Treatment for wood sidings, that are very low-maintenance and provide protection against rot. In our climate in the Northern Rocky Mountains, siding treated with these types of products can last a very long time.

UV damage, on the other hand, can darken and grey your wood siding. If you’re into that look, don’t mess with it! But suppose you prefer the look of freshly-cut boards. In that case, we recommend the Perma-Chink System’s family of products for exterior applications where the desired outcome is a bright, clean, new appearance. Properly maintained, these Perma-Chink products shouldn’t need to be redone for many, many years. Proper maintenance primarily means washing your structure annually and reapplying the protective clearcoat as needed.

In some cases, the clearcoat application may need to be redone annually. However, most of the time, it will last for two or more years. You can also just touch up exposed areas that are showing sun damage, rather than treating the entire structure.

Available Dimensions at Marks Lumber

Marks Lumber offers both single and double waney edge siding in two different widths, including:

  • Single waney edge siding, 8 in width (provides 6 3/4 inches coverage)
  • Single waney edge siding, 10 in width (provides 8 1/2 inches coverage)
  • Double waney edge siding, 8 in width (provides 9 inches coverage)
  • Double waney edge siding, 10 in width (provides 11 inches coverage)

While Marks Lumber typically sells our waney edge siding unpeeled, meaning the edges will have bark on them, we do offer peeled waney edge siding on a per-order basis. Although hand peeling is a labor-intensive project, peeling the siding yourself will help you save money in the long run.

If you’re interested in learning more about waney edge siding or any other available wood siding options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Marks Lumber. We’re happy to help you plan your next project to help you achieve the look and quality you’re looking for!

Waney Edge Siding Timber Order Procedure

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