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Jun 30, 2021

How to Use A Rustic Grade Siding

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Rustic siding options are an economical way to side cabins and outbuildings. They can be a great option to consider when looking for a no-fuss protective barrier for your next project. At Marks Lumber, we carry two different product grades for siding, paneling, and flooring: Grade 2 and better – our appearance grade – and Grade 3, often referred to as rustic grade.

More often than not, the appearance-grade material will be your best bet for most projects. However, in some cases, the rustic grade can be the perfect choice. So, before we get into the many ways you can use this rustic grade siding, let's dive into how we grade our siding, paneling, and flooring products to help you understand the difference between each grade.

How We Grade Our Wood Products

The Marks Lumber crew manually grades all our materials to Western Wood Products Association standards. When grading lumber, we are always on the lookout for the best-looking pieces of the material that will "make the grade." This can be tricky, however, because there are many different characteristics to consider. Knot size and health, twist, bow, wane, and checking are considered when grading our rough-cut wood products.

Our Grade 2 siding, paneling, and flooring products are graded for appearance, hence the name "appearance grade." This means that each piece should have minimal knots, little to no wane, and almost no crook or bow to them. This product is generally recommended when siding homes and commercial buildings.

Grade 3 siding, on the other hand, is not graded for appearance and will likely have more of those surface defects. While Grade 3 sidings are still considered good structural pieces, they will have more knots and possibly some wane in them. Because of this, our lower grade siding is not often recommended for siding those residential and commercial buildings. However, rustic grade siding works well for many other uses.

Ways to use Rustic Grade Siding

Siding Outbuildings

Grade 3 siding is perfect for cabins, barns, shops, sheds – basically any building that you won't mind having a more rustic look. For most outbuildings, many people opt for our rustic Grade 3 board and batten siding for a classic, timeless look that stands up to the elements. While it is traditional for board and batt to be made from 1x10 and 1x3 battens, the widths can be adjusted to your liking, such as using a 1x12 and 1x4 mix.


When trying to achieve a rough cut look on your soffit, our lower grade circle sawn shiplap is a great, affordable option. The rustic look of these boards works well to cover the underside of your roof overhang and offers added visual appeal from the rough-cut texture and the natural character of the Douglas fir. Our circle sawn shiplap has a traditional profile, meaning the boards fit together snuggly with no gap in between. This gives the soffit a clean and seamless look that compliments the rusticity of the boards beautifully.

Accent Walls

Grade 3 siding and paneling can also be used to create unique accent walls inside your home. Our rustic grade tongue and groove is an excellent choice for interior paneling. With a traditional center-matched profile and our infamous circle-sawn texture, this product can be used to add dimension and character to any room. Not interested in using a tongue and groove pattern? Our circle sawn shiplap is an excellent alternative for interior accents.

Finding an economical siding or paneling that still looks beautiful and blends seamlessly into the natural environment can be tricky. At Marks Lumber, we offer various lower-grade siding products, with the same profile and circle sawn texture as some of our most beautiful and popular siding options. Interested in learning more? Contact Marks Lumber today and speak with one of our qualified sales professionals!

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