Timber Frame


The Marks Lumber timber frame team has the experience and the commitment to finish every timber frame project to the satisfaction of our valued customer. Communication is key at every phase the project. On a larger timber frame project, this communication is so much more than a 2 way street; the home or business owner, general contractor, architects and/or structural engineers, and the timber framer must all be on the same page through out the project. Obviously, projects go best when you get off on the right foot–so read on, let’s get to know each other.

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Timber framing is all about connecting timbers to one another; this joinery is the basis for the art and the strength of structure. There are many different types and styles of joinery that can be used for different purposes. Different styles of joinery can give a timber project very different looks and motif's.

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Anyway you measure it, Marks Lumber has deep Timber Frame experience. A reliable, successful partner has the experience, tooling, and technology to work successfully.

Cody Marks manages the timber framing business, having worked as an independent general contractor for many years before bringing his skill set back to the family business. Cody loves to share his talent and extensive skill set for the benefit of our customers in the varied projects that they, and Marks Lumber, are working together on.

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