Montana Wood Flooring

Create a beautiful and truly unique space with Marks Lumber circle sawn Douglas Fir flooring. Our flooring texture is created by our unique circle-saw head rig, not a texture applied to smooth flooring. Circle sawn flooring is manufactured in three width’s and can be finished to achieve a huge variety of design goals. 

This Grown-in-Montana, Made-in-Montana flooring wears exceptionally well, providing excellent service and peace-of-mind for years to come.

  • Actual thickness for circular sawn is 13/16 inch
  • Actual thickness for smooth is 3/4 inch
  • Coverage for 4 inch Flooring is 3 1/4 inch
  • Coverage for 6 inch Flooring is 5 1/8 inch
  • Coverage for 8 inch Flooring is 6 3/4 inch

Circle Saw Head Rig

Awesome Product

Appealing and durable circle sawn Douglas Fir flooring is perfect for your new home or remodel.   We have instructions to help you install and finish your own floor or we can recommend a floor installer. You can order your flooring in Random widths or all one width. (All 8” flooring has an upcharge) Call or email for current pricing.

Douglas Fir Rough Sawn Flooring

Easy Installation

Installing Montana Circle Sawn Flooring has never been easier. Our Flooring is end-matched so most material will go down directly, without any trimming.

Flooring Installation Instructions

Proper Installation of our wood flooring is critical. These instructions are a great start, get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.